Zine Distro

In 2012, we launched the Trans Oral History Zine Distro which collects and distributes zines by trans* authors, zine compilations that include trans* authors, and zine compilations about LGBT history that are trans* inclusive. We are open to zines addressing a variety of issues, but we specifically are interested in zines that reflect people’s real life experiences (as opposed to rants, visions, and theory).

You can search and download electronic copies of all of our zines online in our Story Bank. Additionally, we distribute physical copies of zines at local zine shops, conferences, zine festivals, and everywhere we go. Submit your zine today online.

Shops that carry our material:

Left Bank Books (Seattle, WA)

Quimby’s Books (Chicago, IL)

Wooden Shoe (Philadelphia, PA)


Distro Guiding Principles

  1. We want to promote as wide of a variety of voices, gender expressions, and life experiences from the trans* community as possible
  2. Stories belong to the people who live and experience them.
  3. Our #1 priority is to increase trans* community members’ access to stories from other community members
  4. We collect money to help sustain the project but it is not the goal of the project


Distro Policies & Practices

  1. We will distribute any zine by a trans* author that includes non-fiction recounting of their own experiences.
  2. We distribute zine compilations that includes trans* authors and zine compilations about LGBT history that are trans* inclusive as long as they are in line with the values of the project.
  3. We ask permission from all zine creators before distributing their zine unless the work is specifically anti-copyright/copy left.
  4. We attempt contact 2 times before distributing zines without explicit permission.
  5. If any zine creator contacts us with requests about how/where/when to distribute their works, then we will honor them.
  6. We will never knowingly sell a zine in competition with the original creator.
  7. We are always open to negotiating pricing with individuals to make zines afforable to anyone who wants one.
  8. Any money generated from selling zines goes to sustain the Trans Oral History Project.