Collective Bios

Chicago's Community Core

André Pérez founded the Trans Oral History Project in 2007. He created Community in Transition, a historical exhibition chronicaling transgender activism in 2009 and his poster was featured in Celebrate People’s History in 2010. He has since desgined and co-facilitated numerous interactive workshops at Universities and community centers. Andre developed and directed I Live for Trans Education: A Youth Toolkit. Andre has been honored by the Museum of Transgender History and Art and he was one of the inagural Trans 100. Andre loves decolonizing history, using new technology to build movements, collecting stories, and helping people make their own media. When he’s not interviewing inspirational people, he’s biking through the winter and hosting decadent brunches.

Sandi Woods is one of Chicago's homeless transgender youth. She believes that the Trans Oral History Project has the power to create a difference for a very diverse range of communities and people by beginning new conversations within and between them. Through her background in television production, she hopes to make a strong contribution to a future of fluid communication and social progress.
Mat Defiler hates self promotion.  Mat is a nurse who, after working with older folks for many years, fell in love with hearing people's stories.  Mat is also a comic artist, a genderqueer, and someone who believes we can create a more egalitarian world by listening to one another and creating more space for all among us to speak our truths.
Jacob Klippenstein is pro-active organizer, dedicated childcare provider, and a budding gardener. Jay currently works with the Chicago Childcare Collective, AREA Chicago, PIC Teaching Collective, and the Trans Oral History Project as an active member. Jake is also interested in organizing to challenge white male (etc.) supremacy. Contact to conspire together.
Philadelphia Community Core
Helyx Chase is the Philadelphia Coordinator of the Trans Oral History Project.  In addition to being an independent video artist, Helyx works as a youth video educator.  Helyx is affiliated with the Termite TV collective, Media Mobilizing Project, and Scribe Video Center. Helyx is passionate about storytelling and story preservation as a means to draw connections between folks within communities.  Their video art is built by, about, and for televisions and computers.
G has a BA in “the Classics” (more accurately described as the study of ancient Greek and Roman culture and literature) because it seemed like a good idea at the time. However, G got tired of the fact that, with very rare exceptions, only the voices of elite men survive from ancient Greece and Rome. G is far more interested in celebrating, supporting, and documenting the voices of contemporary marginalized individuals and communities. G has been published in feminist comp zine Hoax #8: Feminisms & Mythologies, and is working on a zine called The Very Bad Nihilist, about nihilism, queerness, anarchy, and mental illness. They also are working on a comp zine on experiences with psychiatric meds. They are the Development Associate for Philly Queer Media, and are in the early planning stages for an oral history project on queer collective housing in Philadelphia.

Our Volunteers

This project would not be possible without the support of our amazing volunteers who have put in dozens of hours transcribing, tabling, editing, coordinating, and everything else. Thank you everyone who has helped make this a reality!

  • Patrick Tyrell

  • Matthew Clark

  • E

  • Alexis Martinez

  • Lupe

  • Mat

  • Debbie Southorn

  • Sasha

  • Van Binfa

  • Jake Kilpp

  • Belinda Kay Peneloza

  • Elana Riback

  • Janel Bailey

  • Kia Swando

  • LT

  • Angela DiBattiste

  • Serena Putterman

  • Lucy Boltz

  • Jamie Cohn-Stacey

  • Caroline Pellant

  • Nikk Selikk

  • Joe Parker

  • and so many others.