We Need Your Support


Dear Friends of the Trans Oral History Project,

We need your help to sustain the TOHP. We are a project by and for the trans and gender non-conforming community and we want to stay an accessible community resource.

Over the past 6 years we have:

  • interviewed over 50 people from a dozen states

  • hosted workshops and skillshares in dozens of locations

  • created historical exhibitions showcasing transgender activists

  • created a zine distro containing over 40 titles by, about and for the trans community

This year, we are releasing I Live for Trans Education: A Youth Toolkit.  This toolkit is comprised of lessons on important issues relevant to the trans community and is structured to be used with short documentaries containing footage from our collection.

In the last few years we have grown tremendously thanks to our amazing network of supporters across the country, but we can’t let it stop there!  Your donation to the TOHP is tax-deductible and any amount goes a long way to keep this project going.  If merch is more your style check out our shop where you can buy a shirt, a calendar, or a zine pack and help us keep the archive free, accessible and sustainable.

Thank you for your support,


The Transgender Oral History Project