National Tour!

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We need your help to bring powerful stories and discussions to Colleges in 2016 & 2017 

Everything going on in NC and across the South illustrates how crucial it is to have solidarity with one another across geographic and community boundaries. After growing up in NC and VA, I arrived at college in the North with a drawl. I quickly unlearned it after confronting the assumption that I was dumb. Trans people from marginal communities often give up little pieces of who we are, internalizing others’ judgements or just trying to survive in a world that doesn’t value our culture. We can work together to push forward a national conversation that acknowledges and celebrates who we each are.

Each America in Transition episode explores one person’s story in depth tackling issues such as HIV criminalization in Arkansas, Black trans masculine (in)visibility in the media, and the impact of colonialism on two-spirit identities.

We offer customized screenings, workshops, and lectures to a variety of audiences including Film, Public Humanities, Multicultural Student Affairs, Latino Studies and more to bring intersectional programming to colleges and Universities across the country.

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