Current Projects

I Live for Trans Education: A Youth Toolkit

I Live for Trans Education is a multimedia toolkit that trans educators, youth workers, and youth leaders can use to educate about issues that impact the trans community from an intersectional perspective. The toolkit consists of four mini documentaries paired with interactive lesson plans. The culmination of a year long development process including dozens of trans community members, I Live is an indepth exploratoin of four themes (Health Care, Employment, Gender-segregated Spaces, and Media Literacy) that functions as a trans 202, going beyond the basics to discuss some of the more nuanced issues our community faces.

Zine Distributing aka distroing!

We have been collecting self-published works by trans authors or anthologies that include transgender authors. We now have over 40 titles from all over the country. We are digitzing those zines to make them available free online. We also bring them to bookfairs, zine shops and conference across the country. You can help us share stories by joining our zine team!